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7 Best Gifts for Dog Owners in 2022

Looking for a gift for your favourite dog owner, even if that's yourself? Look no further! This list brings you 7 of the best, original dog-themed gifts for 2022.


1. PetRoom Dog Walking Bag

All dog walkers have been there.. Caught short without poop bags after Buddy has just laid his log right in the middle of your neighbours front yard. This handy little bag has everything needed for a successful walk, including built in poop bag storage, foldable water bowl and treat storage, complete with training whistle! £10.99

After seeing the success of the Snuffle Mat at entertaining an incredibly energetic spaniel pup, I was sold. You can hide all sorts in there, giving your dog a mental workout and a chance to use some of their digging and finding behaviours that they'd have use in their wolf descendent days. Side effect: dog mum/dads get 10 minutes of peace.. £15.99

This extra special dog bed is not only a stunning edition to any house-proud dog mum/dad's home, but it gives said dog mum/dad ownership back of their bed and the leg stretching freedom that may have become a distant memory.

The ultimate technology for a dog mum/dad who suffers separation anxiety leaving their dogs behind at home. Using this, they can still see and talk to their fur baby through their smartphone, and toss them treats at the tap of a finger!

5. Personalised Dog Lead Hook - Etsy

Personalisation adds an extra thoughtful touch to your gifts to your favourite dog owners. Every dog walker loses their dog's lead at least a couple of times a week, problem solved!

I may be biased here.. But I don't think there's anything more special than a piece of artwork to remember your fur baby by forever hung proudly on the wall of their home. The ultimate gift for your favourite dog mum/dad!

"This morning I received a gorgeous pet portrait for my 22nd Birthday. Totally lost for words how amazing it truly is, words do not justify! It’s something I can cherish forever. Thank you so much Grace!"

7. GPS Dog Tracker

What a GENIUS idea is this?! With the rise in dog theft over lockdown period, having a gps tracker attached to your dog's collar during their walks has never seemed like such necessity. Not only can this device give your favourite dog owners huge peace of mind, but it can track their dog's daily activity and display it on a smartphone app. Like fitbit.. but for dogs..


So that wraps up some of 2022's greatest offerings for dog owner's, from the newest tech to the most traditionally timeless personalised gifts! You can be sure to be your dog-loving friends second favourite after gifting any of these.


Please note: Some amazon links may be affiliate links, but all opinions are non-sponsored and by the author.

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