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About the Artist

My name is Grace Murray-Rowley.

I have a passion for drawing which began at a very young age. Growing up, both realism and surrealist art fascinated me and lead me to try drawing realistic portraits of humans at first, and then animals. I was approached and asked to do my first commissioned pet portrait at age 13. Ever since then, I have had regular commission work and branched out into pastels and coloured pencils. My most recent addition is my Iwata airbrush, which I'll soon be incorporating into my portraits!


I'm a massive animal lover myself, so it's important to me that each portrait is as special and unique as the relationship between your companion animal and you.


I devote my free time to walks in the beautiful english country side, fitness and volunteering at local animal sanctuaries like Freedom Farm in East Sussex, run by my good friend Lynda Free. The rescued sheep, cows, pigs, goats, horse, turkeys, chickens, dogs and cats in her care are just amazing. It has become even more apparent to me when working with these animals over time, that each individual has their own unique energy. I thrive on capturing this within an artwork.

I'm passionate about crushing stereotypes that you cannot make a career in art, and motivating others to pursue their talents. This lead me to begin teaching art and business online to others who are trying to find purpose in their creative careers.


Meet The Studio Team



Head of Admin

Crunches numbers, cleans the floor after lunch.



Managing Director

Runs the show with her belowing meeeow


Chip n' Dave

The Tech Guys

In charge of audio quality, squeaking incessantly throughout tutorial vidoes and chewing wires.

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