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Welcome to my latest commissions page, fresh off the drawing board! I will update this page as much as I can, but if you'd like the most up to date content check out my What's New page to see my instagram feed.

General Casper

1 November 2023

This was such a fun portrait to create! Not my usual style - but when my repeat client Scarlett reached out and asked for this concept for her mum's 50th birthday, I thought it was such a fun idea! Casper is known to rule the house, so depicting him as an army general was very fitting!

"Hi Grace  I just wanted to say Thank you so very much for  my beautiful portrait of Casper ! You are so very talented and really captured his “sniffy” character . We always say it’s Caspers world and we are just living it lol .. it absolutely made my day ❤️"

Check out this wonderful reaction video I was sent of my client's mum opening Casper's portrait on her Birthday!

Clive & Sue Wedding Gift

20 October 2023

My wonderful client Ellis reached out to commission another portrait for his Dad's wedding gift, and it was very well recevied!

"I just wanted to touch base again to say thank you so so much for the incredible portrait that you’ve created of my Dad and his new wife, it’s just perfect. To say they were blown away would be a huge understatement, they were both full of emotion when they opened it and so thankful to you as they just felt it perfectly captured their personalities, and added that it’s something they will cherish forever.

I couldn’t be more pleased about the way it’s turned out and for how well received it was. You’re honestly so incredibly talented with all the art work you do and once again I’m just over the moon.

Thank you so much, this is the second commission you’ve created for me and it certainly won’t be the last!"

Liberty of Soul

19 September 2023

My client Thomas was one of the first clients I had for pet portraiture a very long time ago, so when he reached out asking for a large wildlife artwork I was really excited! He came to me with a photo he liked of 2 lions, and I created my own composition using many different reference photos. Once we decided on his favourite design, I got to work! This is the largest size I've ever worked on (33x45"), so it was no small task, but I loved every minute. 

"Wow that is amazing !!! We are so happy with it thank you very much.  We can't wait to have it up on the wall for a long time to come."

April & Jameson

1 August 2023

My overseas client Emory commissioned this 20x16" portrait of his beautiful wife April on her wedding day with her best friend of 14 years, Jameson, who very sadly passed away this year. It arrived safely with him in LA, USA!

"Painting came today and she absolutely loves it. Thank you again for making her birthday extra special! It came out absolutely amazing! It is something I know she will cherish forever. You have an amazing gift. It truly is unbelievable what you can do with pencils and a brush. Thanks again for sharing your talents and for your patience with my indecisiveness. :)

P.S. I genuinely believe you could be charging a lot more. But before you do, I have a strong feeling that after my wife sees this she will probably ask you for portraits of our two boys. Ha."

Barty & Rufus

23 July 2023

My client Jayne commissioned these two 10x12" coloured portraits of Barty & Rufus to go with her previous portrait of her three other dogs that I drew earlier in the year. Below you can see them framed and ready to post, along with their progress video!

"Hi Grace, Thank you so much for the pictures. They are so beautiful and look great along side the other picture."

Russ & Sons

14 July 2023

My client Poppy commissioned this pastel portrait of her partner and two sons for father's day, we used different photos of her son to create a more pleasing composition and it turned out wonderfully!

"My darling girlfriend got this Hand drawn with charcoal by Grace Murray-Rowley I honestly cannot get over this ! She put this together from photos that poppy gave her ! Poppy I love you so much and this has proper done me tonight ! Grace thank you so much and I really can’t get it in my head how you do what you do!!!"


15 June 2023

My client Katie commissioned this 12x16" in memory of her lovely border collie, Alfie, after very sadly losing him recently. We opted for a scenic background as Alfie loved his walkies. I just loved how his fur flowng in the breeze created atmosphere in this one. 

"Hi Grace, Just a note to say that I arrived back from my work trip and have opened Alfie’s portrait. It has completely blown us away and smashed all expectations. Truly beautiful and we’re very happy that he’s home with us again.

Thank you so much - your talent is something quite extraordinary."

Teddy Fox

3 May 2023

My client Victoria commissioned this portrait for her husband after losing their beloved cat Mr. Teddy Fox, who lived to the amazing age of 20 years.

"Hey Grace! Louis LOVES Mr Teddy's piece! He got a bit tearful seeing it (in a nice way). He's taken centre piece in our living room. RIP Mr Teddy ❤️ thank you so much Grace, you're unbelievably talented xx"

"Hey Grace, this is Louis, Vic's husband. I wanted to say thank you for my picture of Teddy the cat. It's really beautiful and incredible. Absolutely stunning and thoughtful. I don't understand how a human can do that. Thank you so much."

Wedding Portrait with Grandad

1 May 2023

My client Ashle got in touch with a sentimental request to create a portrait of her Mum's wedding, but to include her Grandad who had very sadly passed. I created a composition using various photos to make this a possibility, and her Mum's reaction was so touching.

Omg!! How amazing is this drawing! Your SO talented!! Absolutely gobsmacked! Even the packaging Thank you so much!!! Currently sat here crying lol, it's absolutely amazing thank you!!! The best thing ever. She loves it! Thank you so so much xxx


23 March 2023

My client Sian commissioned this portrait of her beautiful boy Shelby, and it was such a joy to create! 

"Hi Grace, All receive thanks so much! It's unbelievably amazing!!!!! Alecs so happy with it."


8 March 2023

I created this 10x12" custom tutorial for one of my online students, and I absoltely loved draawing Duke in graphite!

"Hi Grace,

Wow that drawing looks amazing; she is excited to get started soon!

It's clear how much work you put into the beautiful portrait, and in-depth tutorials.

I didn't expect this until September so it's a very nice surprise.  As soon as she gets started, I'm sure she'll write to you with any questions."


17 February 2023

My client Rebecca commissined this 10x12" portrait of her wonderful boy Took, and he was such a joy to create in pastels! 

"Hi Grace, It looks perfect, thank you so much! I can't wait to receive it!"

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