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Border Collie in Graphite
Email Exclusive

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Please find below the reference photo with easy-trace outline to follow along with one of my most popular Patreon tutorials, Pippin the Border Collie!

(Click the images to download)

Border Collie Outline
Border Collie Reference Photo


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Tools & Materials List


To open the videos full screen, click the bottom right 'full screen' button on each video player.

Part one

Outline & base layer 

  • How to get our get our easy-trace outline onto the paper

  • The loose graphite base layer

  • The fluffy ear

Part two

Fur texture & Eyes

  • Creating fluffy fur texture

  • Drawing the eyes & reflections

  • The second ear timelapse

Part three

Nose, Tongue & White Fur

  • Nose

  • Tongue

  • White flowing fur on her body


Congratulations on completing this tutorial!

You should be so proud of yourself for investing this time into your drawing skills. I hope you had heaps of fun and also learnt a lot in the process. Pippin was such a joy to draw, and I hope you now have a piece of work that you're proud of!

If you'd like to show me your drawing for a written critique via email, I'd love to see it! The critique will include 2 things I think you've done really well and 1 areas of improvement for next time! Just click the button below to send me an email.

Keep chasing those drawings that bring you that feeling of momentum & joy in your heart; you'll go from strength to strength.

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