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Customised Progress Videos

During my drawing progress, I take a number of short videos to put together to document the progress of your commissioned portrait. My clients find it fascinating to see their portrait coming together - there's around 30 hours of work compressed into a 1 minute video!

Join my many happy clients!

Choose your Music

Choose from any song that may be meaningful to you as a backing track.

Choose your Message

Choose a meaningful message either for you or your recipient.

Easily Shared via Mobile

Videos are in vertical format, perfect for mobile viewing & sharing.

"It was an absolutely amazing success! He loves it and cried and then we all cried thank you so much! You are a star."

Helen Holt

For my client who commissioned a large Liverpool themed collage family portrait for her husband's 40th, I created a slightly longer video to show the journey the portrait took.

We chose the Liverpool theme tune to accompany the theme, with an added personalised message at the end.

If you'd like a personalised video, just let me know in your booking form!

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